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Thomas Lee Wuelzer - Marjorie Alfreda Hann

Thomas served in the US Navy from 1950 to1954, then worked for the Central Intelligence Agency until 1962. He opened Springfield Upholstery, Springfield Moving Service, and Staple & Stitch while living in Springfield, VA. Upon moving to Salida, CO in 1975, he opened Salida Upholstery. Thomas was confined to a wheelchair his last 20 years. It was then he discovered computers and digital cameras. Always the entrepreneur, he started making and selling greeting cards featuring the squirrels he fed.

Tom was also a avid Ham Radio Operator.   


1940 - Bridgetown, Hamilton, Ohio
2013 - Salida, Chaffee, Colorado

Thomas Lee Wuelzer - Age (83y 4m 27d)
6 Jun 1930 - 3 Nov 2013
  Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio
  Salida, Chaffee, Colorado
Cemetery Records   Spring Grove Cemetery - Cincinnati, Ohio , USA
Obituary   Mountain Mail - 6 Nov 2013
Parents   John William Anthony Wuelzer & Grace Loreli Davis
1940 Census Records1940 Census
Head StoneTomb Stone
Thomas Wuelzer, Marjorie Hann, Ronald Wuelzer, Kenneth Wuelzer - 1 Apr 1956 US Navy - 1950 PassportPassport
1940 Census Records1940 Census


ChildrenKenneth Lee Wuelzer  - 4 May 1953 -  
ChildrenRonald Thomas Wuelzer  - 8 Sep 1955 - 5 Aug 2008  - Age (52y 10m 28d)
ChildrenJohn Russell Wuelzer  - 6 Aug 1957 -  

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