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Kenneth Lee Wuelzer - Karen Leilani Furtado - Donna Lee Andre

Graduated from the College of William & Mary with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Served as an USAF Officer for twelve years, First in tactical communications, then as a computer programmer for message processing systems. After the Air Force, employed by Federal Government, Intelligence Community, as an Information Security Engineer, as an Information Security Senior Scientist and now retired.

Kenneth Lee Wuelzer
4 May 1953 -
  Recife, Brazil
Parents   Thomas Lee Wuelzer & Marjorie Alfreda Hann
Kenneth Lee Wuelzer - 1 Apr 1956 Senior Year at William & Mary


ChildrenKimberly Michele Wuelzer  - 7 May 1980 -  
ChildrenRebel Lee Wuelzer  - 25 Sep 2002 - 18 May 2009  - Age (6y 7m 24d)

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