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My Family Genealogy consists of 57 interrelated family trees dating back to 0870 with Fulk Of Anjou. Youngest family member was born on 27 Nov 2018. Longest living was Irene Leola Tullos, born 2 Oct 1893 and died 30 Jan 2000 at Age 106 years, 3 months, 28 days.

Sources include:

Birth Records:8,866   Death Records:6,708   1790 Census:04   1870 Records:7,454
Marriage Records:3,428   SSANs:18,158   1800 Census:04   1880 Records:9,664
Military:10   SSDIs:2,885   1810 Census:02   1890 Records:00
WWI Draft Cards:3,845   Obits:3,946   1820 Census:11   1900 Records:14,076
WWII Draft Cards:860   Wills:11   1830 Census:19   1910 Records:16,220
Cemetery Records:998   Cemeteries:5,730   1840 Census:52   1920 Records:19,174
Portraits:890   Tomb Stones:2,296   1850 Census:5,452   1930 Records:22,404
Photos:192   FindAGrave:29,339   1860 Census:6,441   1940 Records:13,886

169,004 Family Members

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Family Trees

Anthony Bachiler Bernard Betts 
Black Bohun Bowerman Brandon 
Brewster Brown Burer Calthorpe 
Coleman Collet Dillingham Fitzalan 
Folliot Foxwell Gifford Goushill 
Hann Hartman Holland Irish 
Jermyn King Lawrence Lovell 
Lusignan Lutz Mallory Martin 
Mitchell Mott Nelson Nelson2 
Nye Peck Plantagenet Rust 
Scudder Shelly Smith Spooner 
Starlin Stevens Swift Toph 
Tripp Tupper Vampage Vickery 
Whitehead Wilkins Wing Wingfield 

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