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Donald Oroy Hann - Alfreda Isabella Rust

Donald & Alfreda were married during the great depression. Donald was 22 and Alfreda was 16 (even though the marriage certificate says '21'). Since work was hard to find in Ohio, they moved to Absarkee, Montana in May of 1932. Donald worked there on a ranch for room and board. After a year of ranching, they returned to Ohio and Donald worked on a dairy farm. After a few years as a farm hand, Donald went to work for Leroy Vanness as a painter. He retired from the Atomic Energy Plant in Fernald, Ohio as a painter.

Donald and Alfreda lived in the old Hann place near Riley. They did not have electricity and heated the house with a fireplace and kitchen stove. They did not have running water, but did have an outhouse. Kerosene lamps were used for lighting. They had a Model T Ford. When the creek was down, they could ford it, which was most of the time. One time, on the way to town, Donald got stuck in the middle of the creek. It was cold, so he left Alfreda and the 4 kids in the car with the heater going. Floyd and Marge were both over come with carbon monoxide. Alfreda couldn't wake them up. Luckily, she opened the car door and got out to wait for Donald to get back with help.

Donald and Alfreda lived mostly in rented farm houses. They bought their first house around 1947 near Okeana, Ohio. In 1954, they moved into their last home in downtown Okeana.


1910 - Reily, Butler, Ohio
1920 - Reily, Butler, Ohio
1930 - Reily, Butler, Ohio
1940 - Oxford, Butler, Ohio
1987 - Fairfield, Butler, OH

Donald Oroy Hann - Age (78y 3m 29d)
16 Feb 1909 - 15 Jun 1987
Social Security Death Index  287-12-9491
  Reily, Ohio
Death Record   Fairfield, Butler, Ohio
  Springdale Cemetery - Reily, Ohio , USA
Obituary   Cincinnati Enquirer, Page B7 - 17 Jun 1987
Parents   William Henry Hann & Mary Jenny Burer
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Donald Oroy Hann & Alfreda Isabella Rust Donald Oroy Hann - 1968 Donald, Alfreda and George - 1 Apr 1956 Donald Oroy Hann and Lawrence Andrew Smith - 1930 Death RecordDeath Record
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1920 Census Records1920 Census
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ChildrenMarjorie Alfreda Hann  - 25 Nov 1931 -  
ChildrenDonald Floyd Hann  - 21 Mar 1933 -  
ChildrenOrville Lee Hann  - 16 Jun 1934 -  
ChildrenShirley Louise Hann  - 9 Aug 1936 -  
ChildrenGeorge Allen Hann  - 24 Jun 1945 -  

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