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My Family Genealogy consists of 23 interrelated family trees dating back to 1530 with Hans Ismert. Youngest family member was born on 13 May 2016. Longest living was Marie Madeleine Schmitt, born 21 Jul 1900 and died 2 Oct 2007 at Age 107 years, 2 months, 12 days.

Sources include:

Birth Records:63   Death Records:34   1790 Census:00   1870 Records:102
Marriage Records:11   SSANs:863   1800 Census:00   1880 Records:236
Military:01   SSDIs:269   1810 Census:00   1890 Records:00
WWI Draft Cards:121   Obits:413   1820 Census:00   1900 Records:479
WWII Draft Cards:14   Wills:01   1830 Census:00   1910 Records:559
Cemetery Records:01   Cemeteries:214   1840 Census:01   1920 Records:676
Portraits:103   Tomb Stones:91   1850 Census:32   1930 Records:1,015
Photos:17   FindAGrave:1,401   1860 Census:92   1940 Records:1,067

26,085 Family Members

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Family Trees

Andre Back Ballevre Botcowitz 
Bush Duscherer Friedrich Gouckelmus 
Grass Green Guion Hamann 
Ismert Kraut Matuszczak Richert 
Schlussel Sibille Simon Streiff 
Thiel Turck Vany 

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